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About Department

 Department of Periodontology and Implantology provides knowledge & clinical practice regarding etiology, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases involving supporting periodontal tissues i.e gingiva, periodontal ligament, cementum and alveolar bone.
            Periodontal treatment procedures mainly include nonsurgical and surgical approach. Nonsurgical periodontal therapy includes scaling and root planing, local drug delivery and systemic antibiotics. Surgical treatment procedures include gingivectomy, gingivoplasty, reconstructive and resective osseous surgeries & periodontal plastic surgery. The Department also involves the placement and maintenance of dental implants, including the treatment of peri-implantitis which is inflammatory bone loss around dental implants. Apart from routine periodontal therapies, this department takes pride in incorporating state- of the art technology like:

Latest Surgical Techniques
  • Reconstructive surgeries using bone graft, GTR, PRP & PRF.
  • Advanced surgical procedures like placement dental implants.
  • Bloodless gingivectomy flap surgeries with the laser technology.
  • Painless surgical procedures using Electrocautery.

Special care is taken to plan the treatment by interacting with other specialties on regular basis.

The departmental aim is to provide the students with a strong educational foundation as well as clinical training for their proficient future careers in dentistry and also to contribute new knowledge through basic & clinical research in Periodontics.

The Department has spacious, fully equipped separate undergraduate and postgraduate Clinics with isolated surgical section for advanced surgical procedures like dental implants and laser. Post Graduate section also comprise of Departmental Library, Museum, sterilization room Post graduate student’s room and patients waiting lobby. The department is well equipped with fully functional 42 dental chairs. All consumable materials are freely available for use to the students and doctors for treating patient.

The department offers postgraduate program in the Periodontology and Implantology specialty with the intake of two postgraduate students per year. The postgraduate students are extensively trained according to the syllabus prescribed by the DCI & MUHS in both clinics and academics.CONTACT

  • Well-planned and structured department with separate designated areas for Undergraduate and Postgraduate work.
  • Individually assigned well-equipped working areas for post graduate students.
  • Separate surgical area to perform the latest advanced and complex surgeries in field of periodontology and implantology.
  • Successfully running wide array of competent courses of BDS & MDS.