Khamgaon Camp


Free Medical, Surgical And Dental Camp, Khamgaon

Event :                    Free Medical,Surgical and Dental Camp at Khamgaon City General Hospital, Khamgaon, District : Dhamangaon (M.S.)

Constituent Unit :      Department of Public Health Dentistry, V.Y.W.S. Dental college and Hospital, Amravati In association with Khamgaon City                                     General Hospital, Khamgaon. Dist – Buldhana.

Type of Event/Activity : Free Checkup and Possible appropriate Intervention

Address :             Khamgaon City General Hospital, Khamgaon, Dist. Buldhana.

Resources Used : Mobile Dental Van, Dental Materials, Consumables, Intruments



Dr. Ankur Gupta

Interns :

Mr. Mrugraj Gaigole
Mr. Vyankatesh Gupta
Mr. Chetan Satpute
Mr. Rutvij Gharfalkar
Mr. Monarch Das
Mr. Rajnish Pali

Driver :

Mr. Pramod Bakhade

Attendant :

Mr. Pramod Gulhane

Co-ordinators :

Dr. Ankur Gupta (VYWS Dental College, Amravati)

Dr. Antima Gavai (Khamgaon City General Hospital, Khamgaon)

Brief about the event (Minimum 50 words):

Khamgaon City Genral Hospital, Khamgaon organized an extensive four day Free Medical and Dental Camp in Khamgaon city. VYWS Dental College and Hospital, Amravati participated in the event on first two days of the event i.e. 28 th – 29 th September 2022. Mobile Dental van was taken to Khamgaon city to carry out interventional treatment apart from free Dental Checkup. More than 2000 were expected in the camp out of which Nearly 300 patients were examined by the dental team

Total Patients examined – 300
Interventional T//t provided – nearly 200+

GIC – 50+

Scaling – 100+

Extractions – 50+

Outcome/Impact of Event/Activity in brief:

More than 300 patients were examined and nearly 200 patients were given treatment free of cost to the local people belonging to economically weaker section. Amongst those benefitted many were given prophylaxis, pain relief and teeth fillings. The service provided by VYWS Dental college and Hospital was highly appreciated by Civil Surgeon, Medical Superintendant MLA Budhana and Local people as well. The facilities provided and the highly equipped Dental Van of VYWS Dental College was a major attraction to Locals and even to faculty members of General hospital. The service provided by College was certified with gratitude to the institute by the Medical Superintendant, Khamgaon City General Hospital.